Life Lapse is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The video app launched on iOS in September, 2017. The mission of Life Lapse is to change the way millions of people tell their story with video. After spending 5+ years of her career in the video marketing space, Sarah saw the importance of video story in today's digital age. She saw an opportunity to create a tool that the everyday iPhone user could create with and make videos that will help them capture their journey in a new way. 

Stop Motion App Founder


I'm a Toronto transplant living in Vancouver, BC and love me that west coast lifestyle. On weekends *when it's not raining* you'll likely find me hiking in the mountains with my dog & fiancé. 

Want to creep more? I love to share updates of my entrepnuerial journey on Instagram, you can follow along at @bolandia_ 

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JACK | CO-Founder 

I'm here for the cuddles & stress relief.


First there was an idea. Idea to build an app for making videos from series of shots like our memory does. To create something outstanding Sarah had to meet like-minded and reliable people. And so she did. 

“I have put so much on the line to bring this crazy vision to life...I quit my job, bootstrapped an amazing them” - Sarah Boland, Founder

Chop chop! And it’s highrated at AppStore. LifeLapse got featured in “New Apps we like” in 78 countries!

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Life lapses for about 4 billions years on Earth. All 9 last ones we've been providing the Full Web & Mobile App Development Cycle from an app concept to its release. If you're going to create an outstanding app, share us your idea LL-hello@umbrellait.com