How To

How To Create Videos with Life Lapse

Step by Step Guide

Life Lapse Time Lapse 1.jpg

Create New Project

When you enter this screen at first, it will be empty. To start your first project, click on the "+" sign on the top left hand side of the screen. 

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Photos or video clips?

Do you want your video to be made up of photo clips or mini video clips? Video clips are a great option if you want lots of movement in your video! 

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If you choose video clips...

You have the option to customize the length of each clip, only at the beginning of the project. Once you select the time, each clip will be that length. The default is 1 second, if you want to change that though, tap on "1s" button. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 4.jpg

Select the length of time you want each video clip to be. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 5.jpg

The first photo.

For the purposes of this demo, we're going to select photo clips. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 6.jpg

Name your project

Life Lapse Time Lapse 7-.jpg

Take another photo

This is your project grid, for this individual project. To add another photo to this sequence, click on the camera icon. If you'd like to create a separate project, select the back arrow on the top left side of the screen and go back to step 1. :) 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 8-.jpg

Sync your subject! 

This is where the fun begins. When you open the camera the second time, it will have the previous photo up as a guideline at an opacity of 50%. Using the slider highlighted in the photo, you can change the density of how much the previous image is showing up. The far left image is 0% opacity, middle is 50% and on the far right is 100%.

Life Lapse Time Lapse 9-.jpg

Tips for Syncing.

Our best piece of advice is to align the top & bottom of your subject. Move the camera to the side of the subject (see left image), then move back or forth until it is the same height as the previous photo. Once it's the same height, move the camera until it is directly aligned with the previous photo. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 10.jpg

Play your video. 

Click the play button on the bottom middle of the project screen to see your creation thus far. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 11.jpg

Play with filters.

The bottom far left icon is the filter icon. This is the default screen that shows up when you go to play your video. You don't have to use the filters, if you want to get creative though, they're there. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 12.jpg

Add some tunes! 

When you download Life Lapse, there's 5 songs that come free with the app. If you unlock the music collection, there's 20 to choose from. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 16.jpg

Unlock music, watermark removal & unlimited projects in our store. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 13.jpg

Select the size. 

Resize your video so it fits perfectly on the channel you're posting to. Sizing options are perfect for Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook & Youtube. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 14.jpg


Currently only available on projects comprised of photos, you can change how fast you want the photos go. Currently you can go as fast as 7 frames per second, however we are updating this to 24 frames per second in the near futures so time-lapse & stop motion videos appear more realistic. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 15.jpg

Save & Share! #LifeLapse

If you click on the arrow on the far right side of the player window, you can save the video. Options to upload directly to Instagram or Facebook or you can save to your camera roll.