How to Create A Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

CONGRATULATIONS!! Assuming you're on this blog because you're pregnant, that is. You're on one of the most exciting, happy, scary, clueless & rewarding journeys there is in life. That's what people say anyway, I can't speak for myself because I've never been pregnant. I have had pregnant friends though and know from watching a plethora of blockbusters & tv shows that this is going to be a very special time in your life.  

When I first had the idea for Life Lapse it was actually supposed to be 100% pregnancy focussed. In the camera mode there was a little belly guideline where you would line yourself up every time you took a photo/video clip. Then the lightbulb went off after I had a cancelled flight from Detroit to Toronto. I was driving in the pitch black & pouring rain and I thought of the idea of the ghosted image on top as a guideline so the app could be used by everyone. 

With the quality of smartphone cameras skyrocketing each year I wanted to bring an easier way for people to capture their journey - especially the journey of carrying a baby! With Life Lapse, you can create a time-lapse of your belly bump growing and cherish the memory for a life time. Here is how...

Pregnancy Time Lapse made with the App:

Made with 1 Second Video Clips


Step 1: Download the Life Lapse App

Step 1: Create New Project 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 1.jpg


Step 2: Decide Between Photo vs Video Clips

If you're not sure which one to choose, we recommend having two projects on the go, one for video clips and one with photos, then you can decide later which one you like more. See difference between photo vs video clips in the example videos above or read this blog post. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 2.jpg

Step 3: Take Your First Photo 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 3.jpg

Step 4: Set a Reminder So You Never Miss a Moment

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 4.jpg

Step 5: We Recommend Taking Photos at Least Once a Week & During Daylight

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 5.jpg

Step 6: Align Yourself

When it's time to take your second photo, line yourself up in the same position as the first photo. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 5.5.jpg

Step 7: Play Your Video 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 6.jpg

Step 8: Customize Your Video

Select a filter, song, size, speed and then save your video by clicking the arrow at the bottom right hand side of the screen. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 7.jpg

Step 9: Share Your Memorable Journey with Friend & Family 

Don't forget to hashtag #Lifelapse or tag us @lifelapse_app so we can get all the warm fuzzies. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 10.jpg