How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Video

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Video

Instagram finally made an update which is beneficial for accounts that post a lot of video content: you can now tag accounts in your videos! Now, I don’t mean just “@-ing” them in the comments, I mean actually tagging them in the video. Previously this function was only limited to photo & carousel posts.

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So what’s the difference between tagging in the description or comments versus in the actual video and why does this matter? When you tag somebody in the description or in the comments of your post or even somebody else’s post, the user that you @ will get notified. The issue with this, if you @ them in the comments/description and the user gets a lot of notifications, it can easily get lost and hard to retrace to see what was tagged. Here’s why…Instagram doesn’t let you infinitely scroll through your history of notifications so it’s hard retrace and find a video somebody just “@-ed” you in the comments/description. For example, if somebody @’s @LifeLapse_App in the description of their video and I check my notifications on a Saturday, unless I bookmark that video, it will be very hard for me to go back and find cause I can’t go back to Saturday’s notifications a couple days later. So there was no way for me to find that video unless I bookmarked it OR the person just so happened to also hashtagg #LifeLapse.

WITH TAGGING….I can go to my profile and click on the tagged icon to see all the videos Life Lapse has been tagged in. VOILA!!! You now have a more organized way to keep track of people tagging you in their videos + have potential to get MORE REACH on your videos!

Thank you Instagram for finally bringing this feature to Videos!!!

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