6 Awesome Stop Motion Ideas!

Look No Further For some Great Stop Motion Ideas

So you saw some of our videos, downloaded Life Lapse and now you're thinking, now what? How can I integrate videos like this into my social media and how do I come up with my own stop motion ideas? I got you covered boo! Coming up with cutting-edge ideas to stand out from the crowd is HARD, which is why I've broken this article into different categories to inspire you. In terms of HOW to shoot them, I would recommend checking out this article that has 7 tips for creating stop-motion videos. :) 

I follow the hashtag #StopMotion so I can keep a pulse on creative new videos that come out and stay inspired for upcoming projects. If you're still not sure what to create with stop motion, please feel free to reach out to me directly and I'd be happy to brainstorm with you! Hello@LifeLapseApp.com. - Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO


Style/Beauty Bloggers

Style & beauty bloggers rejoice, there's SO many different things you can do with stop motion to up your 'gram game.  Here's a list of what you can do and some videos that will get your creative juices flowin'. 

  • Unboxing Videos

  • Capsule Collection Videos

  • Tutorial Videos

  • Product Videos

  • OOTD


Check out the videos below to get inspired with foodie stop motion videos! With Life Lapse's ghosted image feature, it makes it easy for you to keep a food diary and line up your plates/bowls from clip to clip. :)365 of meals challenge? Who's up for it!? 


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Oh and you know how you can follow hashtags now? I'm always keeping a pulse on the #StopMotion hashtag. The creative videos get fed right into my insta feed and if I really like the video, I bookmark it so I can come back to it later! 

Photographers, do you know you have a GOLD MINE of potential stop motion videos right at the fingertips of your Lightroom library!? *GASP*. It's true! I'm sure most of you shoot in burst mode to capture those moments filled with movement. With Life Lapse, you can import photos into a project and Life Lapse will turn them into a video. This would be a great way to add some motion to your insta stories and surprise your clients with a little something extra!

To make a Life Lapse with photos from your session, airdrop those bad boys to your phone, create a new Life Lapse project, close the camera & select the import photos icon on the top right-hand side. Once they're in the project, press the play button. From here you can change the size, the speed of how fast the clips play, add music & filters. 

** The import photos feature is an upgrade option for a couple of dollars (price varies per country). **


If you're a fitness trainer I'd highly recommend using Life Lapse to capture the progress of your client's fitness journey. Alternatively, you can make fun videos like the ones below! 

Product Based Businesses 

If you're a product based business, stop motion is a great way to bring those products to life!! 


Life Lapse is perfect for capturing your travels. Think of it as a  "video passport". You can take a new clip at each new spot you visit and boom, you'll soon have a video of you visiting all these amazing places. You could have fun with a particular pose in one spot, like what a Kyle Huber often does on his instagram. 

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