Intsagram Story Stop Motion vs Life Lapse

Who else loves Instagram stories?! 🙋 It’s such an awesome way to see the *actual* people behind the perfectly curated squares you see as you endlessly scroll your life away.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a huge fan of Instagram Stories because people tend to post videos more than photos and at Life Lapse, we all about dat VIDEO creation & consumption!

At the end of October Instagram launched a couple new cool features on stories. The superzoom, which by the way I think still needs some work. Why does it stop zooming after the first couple of seconds? It should keep zooming!! This is coming from a girl who has been an avid manual instagram story zoomer for a while now, aka I did it before it was cool. The other feature they launched in is stop motion.

We love the user experience for the Stop Motion feature on Instagram Stories and want to share some key differences between Instagram Stories and Life Lapse.

7 Differences between Instagram Story Stop Motion and Life Lapse

  1. Instagram: One project at a time // LifeLapse: With Life Lapse, you can have multiple projects on the go at once
  2. Instagram: No photo guidelines // LifeLapse: Life Lapse has the previous photo up as a guideline so you can align your subject from clip to clip.
  3. Instagram: Once you Click “Done” to preview the video you can’t go back to view it. So if you got one frame wrong in the stop motion sequence you are SOL my friend. // LifeLapse: We got you covered in this department. You can preview as many times as you like and go back to delete certain clips or add additional ones.
  4. Instagram: There is only one speed option //  LifeLapse: We have 7 different speed options
  5. Instagram: No video clips // LifeLapse: Instead of only have photos, you can have short clips. For example if you select 1 second video clips, a 15 second video would be made up of 15 -1 second clips. You can choose from 1/4 second, 1/2 second, 1 second, 2 second & 3 second. 
  6. Instagram: Lots of filter options. // LifeLapse: Same, Same. 
  7. Instagram: One size - Instagram story size (9x16) // Life Lapse: We have 8 different size options so you the video fits & performs well on a variety of different platforms including Instagram feed, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter.