Today, Life Lapse Hit 100,000 Downloads!!!

Wow, wow, wow. A couple of days ago I was 12,000 downloads from reaching 100,000 downloads with Life Lapse. As I was drinking my coffee this morning checked in to see how far away I was from hitting that mark and just like that, Life Lapse is at 100,214 downloads!!!

Life Lapse has only been out for 10 months and I have had a blast working on it. I am so proud that we have reached this milestone. But you know what? 100k isn’t good enough for me. I want to get to 10 MILLION and I need YOURhelp to get me there.

When I started Life Lapse, I pictured people only using it for pregnancy time-lapses & travel videos. It’s grown into more of a stop-motion app and I’ve been working hard to improve the features in the app to make it better for this.

So why do I need your help? In order to take Life Lapse to the next level, I need to make some major improvements in the app and would like Life Lapsers to dictate what the changes will be.

I have a survey with just ONE *required* question that I’m asking & it would mean the world to me to get your feedback on this. That way, I know what I should be improving on to make Life Lapse better for you. Please don’t hold back here, folks. I want to hear the raw and honest truth!! As a thank you for taking time to help me out, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a phone case of your choosing from Casetify! ($75 USD in value or under & the winner will be notified August 7th). I threw in a couple of extra questions if you feel so obliged to be extra generous. 🙂


Ahhhh, thank you SO much!  I’m pumped to have you along on this journey with me and hope to make you excited to use Life Lapse more. 

Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO