Stop motion videos have been around for years & back in the day it's how they would make claymation movies. It's now 2018 and we're seeing some pretty groundbreaking creativity in the world of stop motion video making, especially on Instagram. These three influencers are paving the way with their incredible storytelling. Though they likely shot these videos on DSLR's, with Life Lapse, you can achieve a similar look all from your phone! 

1: @asenseofhubar x @tommylenDBERG

This dynamic duo do not disappoint are continuously coming up with cutting edge videos. The compelling videos are eye-catching and are actually easy to make! To make a video like these, the subject stays in the same position. The photographer & subject take small steps and take a clip at each new step in the same position - they key here is to always maintain the same distance & have the subject in the same position. You can ensure they're in the same position by using Life Lapses grid & ghosted image tool to line your subject up between clips! 

A post shared by Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) on

A post shared by Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) on

2: @colormecourtneY

Courtney's video will make you slow your scroll as she magically transforms her outfits right before your eyes! Okay okay, it's not magic, it's the beauty of stop motion! To achieve a similar look with Life Lapse, set your phone up on a tripod/ place it down somewhere where it won't move. (You can buy an iPhone tripod mount on amazon for less than $10) Put the interval timer on and do a couple of fun positions in the one outfit. When that outfit is done, you switch outfits, turn the interval timer back on & line yourself up in the same position as before with the new outfit. Rinse & repeat....easy peasy! The interval timer is great if you're shooting solo, plus it makes sure the camera is steady the whole time. Notice how her backgrounds don't move, it's just her that is moving? That's because the camera was in the same position the whole time.

3: @ShayMitchell

Shay Mitchell's stop motion video is a perfect example that you don't need to over complicate things. Her looping video is literally 3 photos. With Life Lapse, you can import your own photos and create a similar look. You can play around with the speed too to determine how fast you want it go!

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