Life Lapse simplifies the creation of personal time lapse & stop motion videos. Document life's journey in either short video clips or photos and the app assembles those memories into a compelling and creative video bringing those memories to life. Life Lapse makes it easy for you to share your video story, whether you want a fun way to capture your travels, document the growth of your belly during pregnancy or showcase a product in multiple settings.


  • Travel Videos - Think of Life Lapse as your "Video Passport". Take a clip at each new site you visit. 
  • Pregnancy Time lapse - Document the growth of your belly bump
  • Stop Motion - So many options to get creative here. This is a great option for product based businesses. 
  • Food videos - Are you a foodie? Do you love to keep a diary of all the drool worthy meals you eat? Life Lapse is for you. 
  • Pet Video Diary - Use Life Lapse to capture your pets weird/funny behavioural patterns
  • Fitness transformation - Because we all know that muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale isn't exactly a reliable source to track your progress. Use Life Lapse to SEE your progress week over week.  
  • Style & beauty Videos - Showcase your style in a fun way that brands will LOVE without the need to hire a videographer.