“We saw a 51% increase on an ad conversions with a video shot on Life Lapse then a static image”

Founders of Flax Sleep. Read the full interview here.

See How this Start-Up Is Using Life Lapse to Create Compelling Content for Their Social Media

“What I love most about Life Lapse is how easy and fun it is to use! A startup like us has a very limited budget for content creation, as we are putting all our funds towards incredible product and customer experience. We also have limited time and resources and are always working on a million different things. The fact that in 10 minutes or less we can create a beautiful, high quality, very fun piece of content to share is completely life-changing'“ - Caitlin, Brand Director

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Including Video in Email Increases Click Through Rates by 200%-300% -Forbes

Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.



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