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Easily create striking videos, all from your phone.

Life Lapse makes it easy for you to create content on the fly, all from your phone, that stands out from the crowd.  Whether you’re a business owner, content creator, influencer, marketer or just want to get creative, you can be unleashing your creativity with Life Lapse. Tutorials available in app.

Videos shot with Life Lapse

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Since being on Dragons’ Den…

Hello, good evening! If you’re here now, it’s likely because you just saw me get absolutely destroyed on Dragons’ Den! As I write this, I have not seen the episode yet, though I am confident that from the 45 minutes I was in the Den filming and the 7 minutes they edit it down that it isn’t going to be pretty...

The thing is, when I went to film on Dragon’s Den, my app had only been out for 8 months. Even though I hit some cool milestones and had some traction, it was not a $2 million business. I panicked and came up with idea that we would pivot to a business where brands could purchase videos from our creators. You see, the entire reason why I created Life Lapse was so that people could easily create their own videos from their phones. Because I knew my business wasn’t an appealing investable business when I went on the show, I pitched this new vision. If I’m being honest, I didn’t believe in it, so I don’t blame the Dragons’ for turning down this deal.

After filming on Dragons’ Den in May of 2018, I picked-up my shattered ego and dreams decided to use this experience to fuel the growth of my company.

When I launched the app, it was supposed to be a “time-lapse app for your Life”, hence “Life Lapse”. Even though people were downloading the app, they didn’t really have a purpose for it unless they were traveling or pregnant, so they were dropping off like hot cakes. What I DID NOTICE, was that people were starting to use Life Lapse to create stop-motion videos. There wasn’t exactly a light bulb moment here, but the more I talked to my users to see what they found challenging about the app and what they wanted to see next, it was based on the app being a stop motion app. Since the summer, we’ve made massive improvements to our user experience, added new features and here are the results we have seen because of it…

What Life Lapsers Are Saying:

★★★★★ Downloaded more than 5 apps, and after Instagram totally got rid of this function, it’s a fact that this is the best app out there that makes the cut with great features.
— Freshmourb
★★★★★ This app is great! I love how easy it is to make a sequence of photos look like someone with more skill than me did them! The transparency of the previous photo makes taking the next photo hassle free. Great filters and music to apply as well!
— Axel_14
★★★★★ Love it! So fun! I have a small shop selling crocheted goods and I am having a blast bringing them to life. Super easy to use and totally worth the price.
— Frecklet

Made with $17,000 worth of professional cameras, software & computers in 1 hour

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