Free Instagam Story Video Templates for Valentines Day

We got you covered this Valentine’s Day with 6 free Instagram story templates. Ditch the stock photos and stand out with animated videos, all of which were created on an iphone with our free stop motion app, Life Lapse!

All the videos below can be saved to your camera roll then uploaded directly to Instagram Strories. If you want to get extra creative with the videos, we recommend using the app Unfold to personalize the fonts/ layout/ messaging of your IG Stories.

If you’re looking to create your own custom video content for Instagram stories, download our free app. Like we said, all these videos were shot in a matter of minutes with our free stop motion video app. We have a tonne of tutorials in-app to help you get started. ❤️


1 - To access the Free Instagram Story Template videos for Valentine’s Day, fill out the form above and we will send you a link to download the videos.

2- Once you get the email, click on the “Download Now” button

3- This will take you to a google drive folder with the 6 videos in them. You will need to save each video individually. Click on the 3 dots beside the file name, click “Send To” then “Save Video”.

4- This will save the video to your camera roll. To get it from your camera to Instagram Story, go to your profile. On the top left hand side, you will see your profile picture with a blue plus sign. Click on that.

5- IG stories will automatically open their native camera. To upload the free stories template, swipe up. This will give you access to your camera roll.

6- We love using other instagram story app’s like Unfold. Thankfully, they are video friendly. You can use their custom layouts (like we did in the above videos) to customize your Insta Story.

Interview with the Founders of Flax Sleep

Flax Sleep, can you please introduce yourselves and give us some insight into what you do!

We (Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick) founded Flax Sleep in the fall of 2017. We are a three friends with entrepreneurial spirits, an appreciation of beautiful things, and a love of good sleeps.  We saw a gap in the Canadian marketplace when it came to buying simple bedding online at an accessible price point, and felt inspired to fill that void. We chose to sell exclusively linen bedding because of its many superior qualities compared to other traditional bedding fabrics. Linen is strong and durable, light but cozy and more sustainably produced. Since launching sales in April 2018, we have expanded our offering of 100 per cent French linen bedding from three to five colours, as well as added children and baby bedding, robes and tea towels. We have even more in the works for 2019, so stay tuned!

flax sleep team.jpg

As a start-up with a small team, do you find you’re wearing multiple hats in the day-to-day operations? If so, how?

Absolutely. We do EVERYTHING - order fulfillment, website maintenance, social media, bookkeeping, customer experience, supply chain management - you name it, we do it.

What’s important for you to convey as a Brand?

Simple luxury at an accessible price. Superior customer experience.


I noticed Flax has amazing initiatives to give back to the community, can you share what that is?

As a female-led company, one of our guiding values is to support women, full-stop. One of the ways we uphold this value is to provide #ASafePlacetoSleep to women and children in need. Part proceeds and all returned goods are donated to our charity partner, Atira Women’s Resource Society.

How do you integrate compelling visuals into your campaigns?

As a primarily ecommerce brand, our customers mostly discover us online particularly via social media, but there is increasingly more and more noise to cut through to get their attention. The visual presentation of our brand and products has to cause people to stop scrolling and engage, so essentially every one of our marketing campaigns must start with eye-catching photos and videos.

Walk me through your current process for creating media assets for your marketing campaigns?

So far, we have used mostly still photography to create our media collateral. We pull from our inventory of photos as needed, depending on the nature of the specific marketing campaign. We have wanted to incorporate more video into our campaigns, knowing that social media users are often more likely to engage with videos.

What is your favorite social media platform to share on and why?

Instagram has been our most successful social media platform from the start, and we love being able to showcase our products visually while also reinforcing our brand values and voice in our captions. It takes a significant amount of time to plan our social media posts, but it’s one thing that we will likely continue to do ourselves for as long as possible because it is our way to connect with our customers without having a traditional bricks and mortar store.

Flax Sleep x Life Lapse App-DSC07180.jpg

Why did you Download Life Lapse?

We meet many female entrepreneurs in Vancouver and try really hard to support what they are doing because we know how hard it is. We downloaded Life Lapse after meeting Sarah, to check it out and found that it could actually be very useful for producing media for our marketing campaigns.

Do you find the app easy to use?

Yes! It is super intuitive, even for semi-luddites like us.

What do you love most about Life Lapse?

We don’t need any extra equipment, other than our phone, to create a compelling video that can be used on Instagram and in our digital marketing. As a small business, every dollar counts so not having to engage someone to produce a video for us is so great.

How do Life Lapse Videos ads compare to your photo ads?
We saw a 52% increase on click through rates on our life lapse videos vs photo ad and a 51% increase on conversions with the video ad vs photo ad.

Where can people follow you & buy your beautiful bedding?

You can find us on the internet at and on Instagram @flaxsleep

flax sleep instagram.jpg
Name *

Interview with Colette Robinson, Professional Stop Motion Maker

When I was heading down to a conference in San Francisco and realized the talented and down to earth stop motion creator, Colette Robinson, was only an hour out of the city, I knew I had to reach out to see if she’d be interested in collaborating with Life Lapse. I had been following Colette’s work for some time and am always inspired by her creativity. We got on a call to chat what the collaboration could look like and without hesitation she agreed.

You see like us, Colette has a goal to inspire others, so it was a natural fit!! I rented a car downtown SF and hit up the windy roads up to Stinson Beach California. TIP: if you get car sick, highly recommend popping a gravel before you drive these roads, LOL. As you can see in the photos, Colette has a charming studio just minutes away from the beach where she does a majority of her shooting. Her passion for what she does is contagious which you will discover in the interview below & the videos.

Give us the 411 on Colette! (what do you do & where you from)

I’m a photographer specializing in stop motion animation, and I work out of my studio in Stinson Beach!

Did you go to school for photography/videography? If not, what did you study?

I had an interest in photo + video since I was young, but didn’t get accepted into my high school’s video program😭. At Indiana University, I studied Telecommunications with a focus on media marketing + audience analysis. I got my first DSLR camera for Christmas before studying abroad in Argentina, and used it on Auto the whole time! I ended up winning IU’s study abroad photo contest, which made me think it might be something I had an eye for. When I graduated and moved to LA, I went to Creative Photo Workshops weekly, and finally learned how to use my camera on Manual.

Colette x Life Lapse Stop Motion-01.jpg
Colette Robinson Stop Motion Creator.gif

How did you get started in stop motion?

Answer: I’ve loved magic since I was a kid. In 4th grade, I picked up my mom’s camcorder and shot 1-second segments of her cell phone... moving it between each cut. I have no idea why I decided to do this, but I remember watching it back and thinking it was MAGIC! Swipe on this post to see it 😂. I loved magic so much, that I applied to IU after hearing you can major in Magic there. (My parents convinced me out of that though.) After college I worked at a creative agency and was assigned to make creative content for the company’s Instagram account. I started making little stop motions on my iPhone, and one day someone asked me how much I charge. The rest is history!

Did you always know you wanted to be your own boss (if yes, how?) or did this come later?

Not really... I love learning from others and hate being alone! However, I’ve never been great with being told what to do and how to do it. I always treated my teachers and bosses as equals… which sometimes got me into trouble! But I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum.

How did you know it was time to take the leap and go on your own?

I didn’t land my “dream job” and couldn’t find anything that felt like the right fit. My fiancé Jesse convinced me to give myself a 6-month trial period and see what I could accomplish as a full-time creative. 8 months later I had forgotten that I was supposed to reevaluate at 6 months, and realized I had landed my dream job after all! I don’t think many people ever feel it’s the right time to go full-time on your own. It’s scary to start! It just, happens… and sort of feels meant to be.

What is your creative process when working with a new client?

When working with a new client, I love to meet in person (when possible), get a feel for the brand’s voice— and get to know who I’m working with! Next I figure out what their goals are and start brainstorming. Once we’re aligned on a concept, it’s go time. I storyboard, location scout, prop shop, schedule, and set up the lighting and shoot. I’m very communicative with my clients, often texting them photos and asking questions while I work. I most often use my Sony a7R III, 24-70 2.8 lens, and Dragonframe software. I’m going to be creating a YouTube video soon showing all of my in-studio gear where I’ll dive into what else I use! Once I’ve shot the images, I’ll bring them into Adobe Lightroom and edit. Then I export and bring into Adobe Premiere, and bring together the animation. I then add any sound/music, export, test/optimize for whichever platform it’ll be on, and deliver. It’s a long process and requires a lot of patience, but I really enjoy every step of it.

Colette x Life Lapse Stop Motion-14.jpg

Why should brands start using stop motion?

Stop motion is very “thumb-stopping” content. It makes people stop and wonder “how’d they do that?!” It performs great as social media ads, and brings personality and life to products.

Why is it important for you to inspire others?

I want to help others unleash their creativity and turn it into something! Like I said before, I only started on my own because I couldn’t land my dream job. I can only imagine how much further I’d be if I had recognized that THIS was my dream job! I notice creativity in people around me ALL the time, but feel like very few choose to pursue it. Making art your job can have that “starving artist” stigma, and I want to inspire people to prove that stereotype wrong. Now more than ever are there ample opportunities to make a successful business out of your art.

Collaboration over competition? Why or why not?

Always. I’ve been shut down by countless people in this industry. It can be tough. But the only person I can control is myself. So I choose to be open, kind, and share with others. I’ve found that when you reach out to collaborate with someone who might be viewed as “competition”, and they say yes, magic happens. I firmly believe that there is enough room for everybody in this industry (and more!). Be competitive with yourself, but don’t compare yourself to others.

One of these videos was shot with Pro Camera Gear worth $17,000, one was shot with our Free ApP

How have you integrated Life Lapse into your process?

Over the years I’ve been striving more and more for perfection in my work. I’ve found that doing a test shoot before the real deal is just what I need to practice my animation, see what works and what doesn’t, and prepare for a seamless shoot day. I obviously don’t want to use up 500000 GB on test shoots each week— so I use Life Lapse and shoot on my phone! It’s so simple and requires WAY fewer steps than my process with the high-end gear.

Who you would recommend people to use Life Lapse?

Life Lapse is perfect for brands who don’t have budget to hire a stop motion artist, but would like unique content to showcase their product. It’s also perfect for aspiring stop motion artists, who want to learn like I did!

What is you number one tip for people when creating stop motion?

Keep consistent shadows. Wear dark colors and stand in the EXACT same place for each shot of the animation. This will avoid flickering over your scene. To create even, consistent light, cover your windows and buy a lightstand or two. (These are good, cheap ones!) This will give you full control of the light and avoid outdoor light changing from shot to shot.

Colette x Life Lapse Stop Motion-05.jpg

What other hacks/tool do you use?

I always use putty to stick things in place. Also, I shoot at a slow shutter speed! 1/15 of a second or slower. It helps reduce flicker.

Where can people follow you? (Your youtube, IG, email, website, etc)

Follow me on Instagram here:

Check out my portfolio here:

Find out how we can work together, or just say hello here:

Watch my YouTube videos and tutorials here:

If a company is reading this and wants to hire you, what’s the best way they can reach you?

Email me at

You mentioned you can get a daylight studio light off amazon for pretty cheap, care to hook us up with some product page reco’s?.

All of my outdoor photo gear is listed here:, subscribe to stay in the loop for the next video about my in-studio equipment!

Interview with Marissa, Owner of STIL | Using Stop Motion in Marketing

I met Marissa at my first “big girl job” midway through my career while I was working for an e-commerce eyewear company, Clearly/ca/ I worked in Marketing creating video content for their social media/marketing campaigns. Something that we did a lot at was profile people that were up to cool things and if you haven’t noticed, I am doing the same with Life Lapse - because, selfishly, I love digging into the brains of these badass entrepreneurs! I FUEL OFF THAT. We did an eyewear campaign with Marissa at (It’s still up, you can see my mad filmmaking skills here, haha). Needless to say, Marissa and I kept in touch after that shoot back in 2015.

Back then, Marissa was focussed on designing planners & journals. Over the years I have been following Marissa and have loved seeing the progression of her business grow. She has been through a re-brand, has now jumped into the world of purse design (see photos below of her stunning minimal approach) & most recently successfully finished a kickstarter campaign (she went over her goal by 50%!!!!).

Read the interview below to see how Marissa has been using stop motion in her social media marketing. Also, if you’re ready to end the relationship with your current handbag so you can spend more time getting things done or want a beautiful planner, visit Marissa’s online shop!

Hey Marissa, please introduce yourself and give us some insight into what you do!

My name is Marissa and I am the founder here at STIL. My love for organization started when I was 10 years old collecting notepads. Growing up in Switzerland, I was introduced to the world of minimal design at an early age and that appreciation has stuck with me ever since. Today, I run STIL and am heavily involved at every level of the business. I've now successfully launched 2 Kickstarter campaigns and was recently nominated for a 20 ON THE RISE Award in the designers category. I design all packaging and product, manage photo shoots, social media and connect with my amazing customers on a daily basis. STIL is a company built by and designed for women with busy schedules. With a focus on simplicity, our organizational products can be used in many wonderful ways to fit your life path.

You started out creating daily planners, what inspired your to get into purses, clutches & wallets?

It was a natural transition for STIL. We are about organization at the core and that expands into all aspects of life, not just what happens on your desk. What inspired the idea was my own life and the things I used everyday that I felt could use a little re-inventing. 

Stop Motion Content Marketing App.gif

Why is a minimalistic design approach important to you?

It's important to me because that's what I grew up surrounded by. I lived in Switzerland for the first 14 years of my life so I was constantly reminded that simplicity and minimalism was the only way of life. 

Walk me through your current process for creating media assets for your marketing campaigns?

Currently I do photoshoots once a week feature a combination of new product and products that have become staples for STIL. We then use those photos across all platforms: instagram, email newsletters, pinterest and so on. We shoot mostly in the office and sometimes at my apartment when I need different props. 

Bets Free Stop motion App.gif

What is your favorite social media platform to share on and why?

It's still instagram but more and more I am leaning towards Pinterest being my favorite because I'm able to connect with my customers in a different way and they are able to check out directly on the platform which I love. 

Can you tell me about the process of how you created stop-motion videos prior to Life Lapse? How did you shoot & edit it?

We've only done 2 stop motion videos before using life lapse and we used an overhead tripod that was set up on my kitchen island with a backdrop. We had everything linked to lightroom so it was just a matter of pressing the space bar to take our photos. The process was definitely more tedious. 

How did that process compare to using Life Lapse?

Not having to set up the tripod, lightroom and the camera is a huge time save. When I decide I want to start using a new process the only way I will stick to using it is if it saves me time which Life Lapse definitely does. I easily created a quick stop motion video yesterday before I left for the day and that was awesome! 

Stil Classics - Stop Motion For Instagram-07421.jpg

Why did you Download Life Lapse?

I downloaded it to check it out at first but realized very quickly that this could really change the game for our instagram feed! 

What do you use it for?

I use it to create stop motion videos for our products! 

Stop Motion For Marketing.gif

Do you find the app easy to use? 

Yes it is very easy to use and intuitive. No issues at all. 

What do you love most about Life Lapse? 

I love that it shows you the stop motion video immediately after you take the photos so you can make adjustments right away and erase any photos that don't look like. I also LOVE the ghost function. That has come in handy every single time. 

How do you plan to integrate stop motion into your marketing campaigns?

We plan to use them on social, our email campaigns and potentially some ads once we start doing campaigns for the Holiday season. 

For anybody else reading this in marketing/ content creation, why would you recommend them to download Life Lapse?

Yes absolutely! Everyone here in our office has already downloaded it because they love it. If you're in content creation this app is an absolute must! 

Where can people follow you & buy your beautiful products?

You can follow us on instagram @stilclassics and you can find us online at 

You Can Now Tag People In Videos on Instagram

Instagram finally made an update which is beneficial for accounts that post a lot of video content: you can now tag accounts in your videos! Now, I don’t mean just “@-ing” them in the comments, I mean actually tagging them in the video. Previously this function was only limited to photo & carousel posts.

How to Tag somebody in a video on Instagram.jpg

So what’s the difference between tagging in the description or comments versus in the actual video and why does this matter? When you tag somebody in the description or in the comments of your post or even somebody else’s post, the user that you @ will get notified. The issue with this, if you @ them in the comments/description and the user gets a lot of notifications, it can easily get lost and hard to retrace to see what was tagged. Here’s why…Instagram doesn’t let you infinitely scroll through your history of notifications so it’s hard retrace and find a video somebody just “@-ed” you in the comments/description. For example, if somebody @’s @LifeLapse_App in the description of their video and I check my notifications on a Saturday, unless I bookmark that video, it will be very hard for me to go back and find cause I can’t go back to Saturday’s notifications a couple days later. So there was no way for me to find that video unless I bookmarked it OR the person just so happened to also hashtagg #LifeLapse.

WITH TAGGING….I can go to my profile and click on the tagged icon to see all the videos Life Lapse has been tagged in. VOILA!!! You now have a more organized way to keep track of people tagging you in their videos + have potential to get MORE REACH on your videos!

Thank you Instagram for finally bringing this feature to Videos!!!

Instagram tag in Videos.jpg

Write here…

Moonlitchick x Life Lapse | Interview with Film Student, Erica Moon

When I saw Erica tag Life Lapse in one of her videos, I went down the rabbit hole of instagram creeping on her super cohesive & artsy feed. GUILTY. I knew immediately knew I had to reach out to see if she would be interested in being featured on our blog and as you can see, she kindly agreed!

Please, Introduce yourself!

My name is Erica Moon. I was born and raised in New Jersey, went to RISD and graduated this past summer, 2018. I am a full-time intern working with the Creative Services team at Refinery29.

What are your favourite type of projects to work on and why?

I enjoy more documentary as well as music video work. I got into documentary by being a camera assistant for a wedding company, and through that, I became intrigued about trying to tell the right story with the kind of content you capture at a specific moment in time. I love how with music video, anything goes. For music videos to work successfully, editing takes a significant role in making it come to life.

Best Free Stop Motion App iPhone Android

What inspired you to get into video creation?

Honestly, EDM after movie videos got me hooked into video creation. I loved the way those videos made me feel like I was there at the festival, and compelled me to go even more. I am a big EDM fan, and my hopes and dreams are to get into the industry and make either those fantastic after movies or to be the mastermind behind the visuals shown on stage.  

Why is creating visually compelling content important to you?

Making visual content that can be shared online is an extraordinary way to connect with people all around the world. Your audience can watch it anywhere at, and I think that tool is very powerful and inspiring.

Best Free Stop Motion App iPhone Android

I assume you often use DSLR's to create high-quality video's, why do you love creating video on mobile?

I actually don’t own any DSLR’s! I guess I like making videos on my phone is because it’s always conveniently right there. I tend to be very spontaneous and being able to look back at moments that I did not prepare for, makes it unique. Plus, I like to carry light.

Free Stop Motion App iPhone Android

With the rise of video on mobile (insta stories for example), would you say your approach to creating compelling videos on fly be impacted by this?

Being spontaneous, having a small, great camera phone and being able to edit all in the same place makes it easy and fun. I definitely feel more creative that way as well.

What is your favourite social media platform to share your work on?

My favorite social media platform to work on is on Instagram.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I’m a huge pop-up museums. I think that creative space and environment sparks creativity for me to make unique content.

Why Did you Download Life Lapse?

I was interested in making something different. I wanted to make things that are interesting and unique. I thought Life Lapse was just the tool for that!

What do you use it for?

I use Life Lapse for just making intriguing content for my Instagram posts. Also, help in producing fun content for friends too.

What do you love most about Life Lapse?

I love how it is an all in one app for an animation video app. You take your pictures, edit them, as well as add music to it. All in one place, I can make a quick short music video!

How did uploading a Life Lapse Video impact your engagement?

It raised my likes and views on my Instagram for sure! Everyone right now is on the disposable film look right now, and Life Lapse allows me to stand out, be unique, as well as make people wonder how I made my videos!

Would you recommend other people to use Life Lapse & why?

I have been telling a few of my friends about the app already! But I definitely have been selfish in keeping it on the DL because of selfish reasons. >.<

Free Stop Motion App iPhone Android.gif

Where can people follow you?

You can find me on IG @moonlitchick

Anything else you'd like to add? :)

I love how Life Lapse is intimate and genuinely cares about the users. LifeLapse have DM’d me about any suggestions and thoughts about the app. I really enjoy that I am speaking to the creator of the app and I have never had that happen with any other apps I’ve used before! It makes me feel like as a creative user, I matter and makes this app stand out from a lot of other videos creating apps.  I’m all for it!

Best Free Stop Motion App

Stop Motion Brand Spotlight: Starbucks

Stop Motion Brand Spotlight: Starbucks

The first brand spotlight is on Starbucks. With over 32 MILLION #Starbucks hashtags & 16.7 MILLION followers you would assume they have a pretty extensive library of creative collateral to choose from to regram and post. They also hit $22.39 BILLION in revenue in 2017. What I'm trying to say here is that a company with so much money & klout is obviously continuing to use stop motion videos in their campaigns for a reason... Marketers, take note! In fact, to prove the effectiveness of stop motion videos from the stats available to on their Instagram page, I went through the past 100 posts and shared my findings with you.

Instagram Story Stop Motion Gone?!

Instagram Story Stop Motion Gone?!

 Have you noticed for the past week that the Instagram stop motion feature in their stories is gone? I have no clue where it went and why it’s not there anymore, however, I do have a free solution for you! If you'd like to continue creating stop motion videos for Instagram stories, my free app, Life Lapse, is available on Android & iOS and can help you with just that! The simple interface is easy to use, just like Instagram stories stop motion…& BETTER!!

Today, Life Lapse Hit 100,000 Downloads!!!

Wow, wow, wow. A couple of days ago I was 12,000 downloads from reaching 100,000 downloads with Life Lapse. As I was drinking my coffee this morning checked in to see how far away I was from hitting that mark and just like that, Life Lapse is at 100,214 downloads!!!

Life Lapse has only been out for 10 months and I have had a blast working on it. I am so proud that we have reached this milestone. But you know what? 100k isn’t good enough for me. I want to get to 10 MILLION and I need YOURhelp to get me there.

When I started Life Lapse, I pictured people only using it for pregnancy time-lapses & travel videos. It’s grown into more of a stop-motion app and I’ve been working hard to improve the features in the app to make it better for this.

So why do I need your help? In order to take Life Lapse to the next level, I need to make some major improvements in the app and would like Life Lapsers to dictate what the changes will be.

I have a survey with just ONE *required* question that I’m asking & it would mean the world to me to get your feedback on this. That way, I know what I should be improving on to make Life Lapse better for you. Please don’t hold back here, folks. I want to hear the raw and honest truth!! As a thank you for taking time to help me out, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a phone case of your choosing from Casetify! ($75 USD in value or under & the winner will be notified August 7th). I threw in a couple of extra questions if you feel so obliged to be extra generous. 🙂


Ahhhh, thank you SO much!  I’m pumped to have you along on this journey with me and hope to make you excited to use Life Lapse more. 

Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO

How to Shoot a Flat Lay Video Using Stop Motion All From Your Phone (No Tripods or Computer needed)

With almost 5 Million #FlatLay hashtags on Instagram alone, it's no secret that this style of showcasing your product is here to stay. Instead of posting a *boring* static photo to your feed/stories, why not bring the products to life with video?! If you're an influencer, brands will love you for going the extra mile!!! In this blog post/ in the video above, I'm going to show you how to create a flat lay video using stop-motion...and guess what?! You don't need a tripod, DSLR camera or computer!!


  1. A Chair
  2. A Book
  3. Your Phone
  4. Objects for your Flat Lay
  5. My free stop-motion video app, Life Lapse:

  6. Optional: Bristol board for a colored background

Traditionally with stop motion, you place your camera on a tripod. I understand that everybody may not have access to a tripod and even if you do, it's difficult to get those overhead shots of your product without getting the tripod legs in the shot - unless you have an arm extension on your tripod. That's why I searched around my house for an easy DIY solution for not owning an overhead tripod. The chair & book worked perfectly!!! 

Once you download Life Lapse, create a new project. You can do this by click on the "+" icon on the top left-hand side of the screen. Before you place the phone down on the chair to shoot your flat lay, you need to do a couple of things: lock the exposure, white balance & camera orientation AND set up your timer. 

You want to get the exposure & white balance on lock-down because you don't want flickering lights/color throughout the video. Especially as you move products in & out of the shot, if the camera isn't locked, the auto settings will be constantly changing. You need to lock the camera orientation because when you put the phone flat down on the book, it may set your project upside down. If you want your video to be verticle, take 1 photo holding your phone upright so the camera icons are upright too.

I always tend to use bright colorful bristol boards for my backgrounds which is why when I'm getting that first shot I lock down white balance, exposure & orientation, I point the camera somewhere near the flat lay that has natural colors & similar lighting. The reason I say neutral is because if you point to let's say a blue painting on your wall, it will offshoot the white balance and your video will have a very yellow look to it. That being said, don't just point it to a white ball, cause then it will be underexposed. This may sound overwhelming, but I promise it's easy and you'll get the hang of it once you start shooting! PS. You can lock the White Balance (AWB) & Exposure (EXP) from the top tool bar in the camera of Life Lapse. You will need to swipe right on the tool bar to see Expsoure lock. You'll know it's locked when the icon is locked....*duh*. lol.

Once that's done, set up your timer. I recommend doing this because it will allow you to focus on moving your objects without having to go back to the camera each time to take the picture. Also, since we don't have the phone on a tripod, it would be easy for your to accidentally move the phone. We don't' want that. You want the phone to be static in the same spot for the whole duration of your making the video. Otherwise, your video will look sloppy! You can activate the timer in the camera mode.  Make sure both timer in the top tool bar are activated. If you have just the timer on the far left activated, it means it will only take ONE photo 10 seconds from now. If you have both, it will take a photo EVERY 10 seconds. This is what you want! You can also customize how far apart you want the photo to take - all the way up to 60 seconds apart.

Now that you have all 'yo shiz on lock down, it's time to bring that flay lay to life with video! Place  the phone ontop of the book and take your first shot. Once you have the shot, you move your objects A LITTLE BIT in the direction of your choice. If you move your objects too far it will very jolty. That's why you do it little by little, so it looks like it actually moving on it's own. Okay, so once you moved the objects a little bit, wait for Life Lapse to take the next shot - keep an eye on your phone so you know it'll see the shutter go. 

How many shots you need is 100% dependant what you want the movement to be. I've done videos with only 9 photos and I've done videos with 40+ photos. Once you're done the video exit the camera. You're going to want to look through the thumbnails and delete shots that your hand may have made it into. You also want to delete that first shot that we took to lock down the exposure, white balance & camera orientation. When you play the video, it's going to look slow AF,  so click on the "speed" icon at the bottom of the player and move it more to the right. You can also add music, filters, add a boomerang effect & change the ratio. Slide to the far right of the bottom tool bar to save. :) 



  1. If you are using bristol board, I'd recommend taping it to the ground
  2. If you're shooting right beside a window, look outside to see the lighting conditions. If it's overcast or sunny, you're good. If it's sun & cloud - you may want to consider going to a controlled environment to shoot (with a lap), otherwise the lighting may flicker throughout your video. 
  3. Change your phone's auto-lock time (can be accessed from Settings> Display & Brightness) so that you can see your screen while you're making the flay lay video. I set mine to "never" while I'm shooting 
  4. Think about the motion and how it will look if it's looped on Instagram. If it's short you want it to loop nicely! For example, if you start with a blank slate then you have your product come in - if you don't boomerang it - it will look very jolty when it loops on instagram because the product will come in, then all of a sudden it will start from the beginning and go to the blank slate. 


  1. Have the items come into frame, then go out
  2. Add motion to only one item so it stand-out. Up & down, back & forth, in & out, etc. This is perfect for influencers that are doing product based sponored posts
  3. Show the process of something - i.e. A lipstick container opening and the lipstick coming out. Apply boomerang effect so revereses after and you have a fluid video. 

If you have any questions or comments or would like to see a different type of tutorial, please comment below!! Also be sure to follow Life Lapse on Instagram to stay inspired with different Flay Lay videos! :)


How to Shoot a Stop Motion Flay lay -DSC09994.jpg

What’s the Difference Behind VR and AR: Having Good Sense of Realities


Looking around today we see our real world heavily mixed with the virtuality: and not only in terms of entertainment. The virtual objects and environments have grown an essential part of our everyday life and business processes turning as real as the sunlight behind your window.

The cutting-edge technologies are capable of improving the most various areas and industries and this would be unreasonable to ignore the promising possibilities.

According to Statista forecast, the augmented and virtual reality market size is expected to reach 27 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 (compare with 14.1 billion in 2017) and 209.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

Starting from gaming and filming, application of VR and AR has been extending to other to fields as education, medicine, manufacture, social media, tourism, marketing, etc. The results already achieved really impress.

Curious to learn, but not sure to be quite good at the distinction between VR and AR terms?  

We are pleased to guide you step-by-step through the complete range from the natural world to the virtual environment, or through the virtuality continuum.

Real Life As It Is


The first point is a real natural world - that is the one we love and live in. The world of our everyday smiles and concerns, global events, and friendly get-togethers. Things and the environment we can touch, smell, feel and interact with without using any equipment required.

The moments we experience in the real life are not repeatable or reproducible. This is the key feature that makes our reality quite special. We are here and now.  Whether these emotions are touching, funny or absolutely crazy, we shall appreciate them. With this in mind we cannot but mention Lifelapse app that helps us to catch the best moments (or to set them in motion).


Immersive Experience with Virtual Reality


The next destination point is the Virtual Reality (VR). Things are completely unreal there: predesigned, preprogrammed and predictable (as soon as you are aware of the general idea). The VR world never meets the real one. That is you who are invited to interact with the virtual environment. It brings you outside of your time and state of life.

To interact with the virtual environment the user needs special equipment: headsets or goggles connected to PC/mobile device running VR apps and controllers. Taking into account that the VR user does not see real objects, in some cases, space around needs to be adequately equipped to assure the safety.

Creating VR apps require special skills and experience. Along with knowledge of 3D tools and SDKs, the developers need to follow the specific UI/UX principles. VR shall have not only a convincing look but sound and movement as well. Every detail needs to be thoroughly elaborated by designers and developers to make the app absolutely friendly for users.

To confirm that VR can successfully be used for other than mere entertainment purposes let’s check, for example, the area most critical for the human life  - medicine.

VR serves as an engaging and motivation solution to limitations during physical and neuro-rehabilitation. VR experience helps to reduce stress and pain immersing the patients into the world where their mind is taken off of the sufferings. In general, VR is especially helpful to smooth over hospitalization period, especially for children.


Happy Place offers a virtual space for the user to escape from reality into the exciting camping environment. Happy Place was developed based on research of VR as a tool for pain mitigation.

Mixed Reality Upon Closer View


From two extremes we switch to the in-between area.

This is referred to as the mixed reality and covers the augmented reality and the augmented virtuality. Whatever complicated it may sound, the difference is evident from the above figure.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality lies closer to the real environment meaning it is still the physical world but enhanced with virtual objects.

As for hardware, required are processor, display, sensors and input devices. Due to accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, magnetic sensors, and cameras available the modern smartphones and tablet computers may be used as AR platforms.

With the sets of software development tools from two major market players: ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google) the developers have got the room for implementing the smartest ideas into reality with relatively low time and efforts expenditures.

Augmented Virtuality

Can you guess?  The position is closer to VR, but still in the MR area: the virtual world with the integrated real objects. Bingo!

AV requires powerful hardware and software as the input from various sensors has to be processed and channeled to virtuality where the physical object interacts with the virtual environment in real-time.

The mixed reality possibilities among others are widely used in marketing and social media as means to attract consumers and keep them engaged.


Engine Creative in partnership with Aurasma and Top Gear created the first fully augmented magazine in the world.

“We have had tens of thousands of video views. Research has shown us that 50% of our readership has access to smartphones and one in four of those [27%] engaged with the video content, and that was just from the first two editions.” Publisher, Top Gear Magazine.

Bottom Line

VR and AR application open numerous possibilities, and lots of companies have already started their journey into the augmented and virtual world. The most we can do is to progress along with the global changes. Implementing VR or AR experience and objects into your products will require definite time and efforts, but any challenge exists to be overcome, doesn’t it?

Need an experienced developers team to create a VR/AR app? Contact Umbrella IT team right now!













New Feature for iOS: Stop Motion Boomerang Effect

Life Lapse has an exciting feature that just went live today for iOS: The boomerang effect! By enabling this feature which is accessed through the player, Life Lapse will play your video in real time then play it in reverse. Click "Play" in the video below to see the feature in action!

 To save your video, scroll to the very right at the bottom of the player. Stay tuned for Android users on this feature! Have a feature you'd love to see in Life Lapse? Comment below or feel free to email me at :) 

🎉 Life Lapse is now Available on Android!! 🎉

There's been a lot of people patiently waiting for this day to come (myself included) and I'm SOOO excited to finally share that Life Lapse is now live in the Google Play store!! This wouldn't be possible without the incredible team at Umbrella Web, who have been my Life Lapse developers since day one, so thank you to the entire Umbrella Web team! 

I would really appreciate if you could send any feedback directly to me that you may have at If you're feeling extra generous and want to help an entrepreneur out, I would really love for you to rate the app in the play store as this really helps with getting Life Lapse in front of more eyes!  

Cheers & can't wait to see what you create using #LifeLapse!!! 


How to Create A 3D Photo Using Our Free app

How to Create A 3D Photo Using Our Free app

Okay, 3D photos are a thing now. Well technically  they've been around a while but I see this trend blowing up on Instagram, especially since Will Smith just posted a few. Unlike a DSLR camera, Life Lapse has image guidelines that allow you to create 3D looking photos/videos. This is great if you want get your subject a variety of angles and would be hard to achieve with a DSLR. To get this look, watch the tutorial video above. As your subject stands still, the photographer moves around the subject getting them at different angles to give a cool 3D effect using stop motion.  Once you take all the clips, Life Lapse stitches it together for you and you can add music, filters, adjust the speed and crop the video (insta story friendly). 

Beauty Vlogger Spotlight: @SAMYARAHMANI

Samya is a digital content creator based out of Vancouver, BC. Her goal is to inspire, educate and spread positive vibes with her beauty & fashion content. After Life Lapse did a collaboration shoot with @SAMYARAHMANI & @FlauntFashionLibrary, I noticed she continued to use Life Lapse to create cool stop-motion beauty videos for her Instagram account. What really caught my attention was how much engagement she was getting on her videos! We're excited to launch our first of many profils of Life Lapse users on the blog. Want to be featured? Shoot me an email at - Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO

Name & what do you do?

Samya Rahmani, I’m a digital content creator who loves to entertain, educate and spread positive vibes with my beauty and fashion content.

What inspired you to do start a beauty channel? 

I was tired of just consuming content online and had an itch to create. I chose to create content around beauty because inspiring others to take care of themselves and feel confident has always been one of my passions. So I decided it would be a great creative outlet that would also aim to help others. 

Why is creating visually compelling content important to you? 

I’ve always loved photography, even before starting my beauty blog you'd catch me experimenting and getting creative with my photos and videos. I just love how photography allows you to capture moments and challenges you to do it in a beautiful way. Also, I think if you're creating content for an audience, it's important to get them to relate to the message/idea you're trying to get across, and making your content visually compelling is a great way to do that.

Why Did you Download Life Lapse?

I was really drawn to the idea of storytelling through video and saw it as an invitation to get creative in a new way that I haven't done before. I also liked that I can make visually stunning videos without any high production tools/equipment since I'm using photos to create them. 

What do you use it for?

I mainly use it to create fun stop motion videos for Instagram. I've used to create beauty tutorials as well as modeling clothes or just goofing around  

What do you love most about Life Lapse? 

First and foremost I love how well-made the app is, I just get so frustrated when a promising app is too slow or has too many bugs or annoying ads. But mostly, I love how creative I can get with my videos using the overlay grid to stabilize the background and how it has everything I need to create stop motion videos within the app

Stop Motion Engagement.jpg

How did uploading a Life Lapse Video impact your engagement?

This part was definitely interesting, I noticed that my stop motion videos made with Life Lapse were getting views that were double my follower count, and compared to my regular videos, the view count's quadruple! I guess stop motion videos are a lot more fun to watch and rewatch

Would you recommend other people to use Life Lapse & why?

Definitely! It's a platform for content creators to get creative with their content and experiment with videos, without actually having to learn new skills or get special equipment. I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting creative with stop motion, so I say download Life Lapse and start having fun with it!

Where can people follow you? 

You can find my content or connect with me on:
Instagram: @samyarahmani
YouTube: /samyarahmani

Life Lapse is Filming on Dragons Den Tomorrow

Hey Life Lapsers,

I wanted to take a moment and share an exciting milestone that Life Lapse has reached. If you follow along on social media, you probably already heard the news. In case you missed it,  Life Lapse is going on Dragons Den (the Canadian equivalent to Shark Tank)! The photo attached from my recent travels sums up how I'm feeling. 

This is truly a full circle moment for me. I started my filmmaking career in the CBC building just over 10 years ago now, it’s where the Toronto School had their studios & classrooms. Tomorrow I’ll be revisiting the CBC and this time and this time, not as a student *dramatic, much? haha*.  I’ll be showcasing Life Lapse and asking the Dragons for an investment to take Life Lapse to the next level. There is no guaranteed my episode will air, however, I promise as soon I know if it’ll be on TV or not, you’ll know too. :)

Besides being nervous and feeling extremely vulnerable to have all my information about my business out in the open, I am excited more than anything. Doing my first official pitch with potential investors on camera should be a tad of an adrenaline rush. At least it’s not live TV,  LOL. A quote I like to live by is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” by Neale Donald Walsch. Starting this business has forced me to pushed myself out of my comfort zone more in the past year than I have my entire life and the rewards from doing so have been priceless. 

So what does this mean for the Life Lapse community exactly?! Well, hopefully an investment from Dragons so the team can build out features you’ve all been requesting. It will also allow me pursue a new direction that I want to take with the company, which you will learn about soon. Worst case scenario, if I don’t get a deal, it will be an awesome experience and great exposure for Life Lapse.  

I won’t be able to say much after I film. However, I’ll be posting behind the scenes clips on instagram stories tomorrow & you can follow along at @LifeLapse_App.

Wish me Luck & thanks for your continued support!

Sarah Boland

Founder & CEO