How to Create A 3D Photo Using Our Free app

How to Create A 3D Photo Using Our Free app

Okay, 3D photos are a thing now. Well technically  they've been around a while but I see this trend blowing up on Instagram, especially since Will Smith just posted a few. Unlike a DSLR camera, Life Lapse has image guidelines that allow you to create 3D looking photos/videos. This is great if you want get your subject a variety of angles and would be hard to achieve with a DSLR. To get this look, watch the tutorial video above. As your subject stands still, the photographer moves around the subject getting them at different angles to give a cool 3D effect using stop motion.  Once you take all the clips, Life Lapse stitches it together for you and you can add music, filters, adjust the speed and crop the video (insta story friendly). 

Beauty Vlogger Spotlight: @SAMYARAHMANI

Samya is a digital content creator based out of Vancouver, BC. Her goal is to inspire, educate and spread positive vibes with her beauty & fashion content. After Life Lapse did a collaboration shoot with @SAMYARAHMANI & @FlauntFashionLibrary, I noticed she continued to use Life Lapse to create cool stop-motion beauty videos for her Instagram account. What really caught my attention was how much engagement she was getting on her videos! We're excited to launch our first of many profils of Life Lapse users on the blog. Want to be featured? Shoot me an email at - Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO

Name & what do you do?

Samya Rahmani, I’m a digital content creator who loves to entertain, educate and spread positive vibes with my beauty and fashion content.

What inspired you to do start a beauty channel? 

I was tired of just consuming content online and had an itch to create. I chose to create content around beauty because inspiring others to take care of themselves and feel confident has always been one of my passions. So I decided it would be a great creative outlet that would also aim to help others. 

Why is creating visually compelling content important to you? 

I’ve always loved photography, even before starting my beauty blog you'd catch me experimenting and getting creative with my photos and videos. I just love how photography allows you to capture moments and challenges you to do it in a beautiful way. Also, I think if you're creating content for an audience, it's important to get them to relate to the message/idea you're trying to get across, and making your content visually compelling is a great way to do that.

Why Did you Download Life Lapse?

I was really drawn to the idea of storytelling through video and saw it as an invitation to get creative in a new way that I haven't done before. I also liked that I can make visually stunning videos without any high production tools/equipment since I'm using photos to create them. 

What do you use it for?

I mainly use it to create fun stop motion videos for Instagram. I've used to create beauty tutorials as well as modeling clothes or just goofing around  

What do you love most about Life Lapse? 

First and foremost I love how well-made the app is, I just get so frustrated when a promising app is too slow or has too many bugs or annoying ads. But mostly, I love how creative I can get with my videos using the overlay grid to stabilize the background and how it has everything I need to create stop motion videos within the app

Stop Motion Engagement.jpg

How did uploading a Life Lapse Video impact your engagement?

This part was definitely interesting, I noticed that my stop motion videos made with Life Lapse were getting views that were double my follower count, and compared to my regular videos, the view count's quadruple! I guess stop motion videos are a lot more fun to watch and rewatch

Would you recommend other people to use Life Lapse & why?

Definitely! It's a platform for content creators to get creative with their content and experiment with videos, without actually having to learn new skills or get special equipment. I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting creative with stop motion, so I say download Life Lapse and start having fun with it!

Where can people follow you? 

You can find my content or connect with me on:
Instagram: @samyarahmani
YouTube: /samyarahmani

Life Lapse is Filming on Dragons Den Tomorrow

Hey Life Lapsers,

I wanted to take a moment and share an exciting milestone that Life Lapse has reached. If you follow along on social media, you probably already heard the news. In case you missed it,  Life Lapse is going on Dragons Den (the Canadian equivalent to Shark Tank)! The photo attached from my recent travels sums up how I'm feeling. 

This is truly a full circle moment for me. I started my filmmaking career in the CBC building just over 10 years ago now, it’s where the Toronto School had their studios & classrooms. Tomorrow I’ll be revisiting the CBC and this time and this time, not as a student *dramatic, much? haha*.  I’ll be showcasing Life Lapse and asking the Dragons for an investment to take Life Lapse to the next level. There is no guaranteed my episode will air, however, I promise as soon I know if it’ll be on TV or not, you’ll know too. :)

Besides being nervous and feeling extremely vulnerable to have all my information about my business out in the open, I am excited more than anything. Doing my first official pitch with potential investors on camera should be a tad of an adrenaline rush. At least it’s not live TV,  LOL. A quote I like to live by is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” by Neale Donald Walsch. Starting this business has forced me to pushed myself out of my comfort zone more in the past year than I have my entire life and the rewards from doing so have been priceless. 

So what does this mean for the Life Lapse community exactly?! Well, hopefully an investment from Dragons so the team can build out features you’ve all been requesting. It will also allow me pursue a new direction that I want to take with the company, which you will learn about soon. Worst case scenario, if I don’t get a deal, it will be an awesome experience and great exposure for Life Lapse.  

I won’t be able to say much after I film. However, I’ll be posting behind the scenes clips on instagram stories tomorrow & you can follow along at @LifeLapse_App.

Wish me Luck & thanks for your continued support!

Sarah Boland

Founder & CEO


Ideas for Stop Motion

Ideas for Stop Motion

So you saw some of our videos, downloaded Life Lapse and now you're thinking, now what? How can I integrate videos like this into my social media and how do I come up with my own stop motion ideas? I got you covered boo! Coming up with cutting-edge ideas to stand out from the crowd is HARD, which is why I've broken this article into different categories to inspire you. In terms of HOW to shoot them, I would recommend checking out this article that has 7 tips for creating stop-motion videos. :) 

Join the Challenge

INTRODUCING: Challenges!!!! ⚡️ Life Lapse is hosting a challenge that will take place until April 15th. The theme? BEVERAGES (of any kind... 😉🍾)!!! The winner will receive a beverage related prize, which will be customized for the winner.

1. Make a Life Lapse video that is beverage related. 
2. Upload to Instagram and use hashtag #LifeLapse 
3. Each video = 1 entry
4. Unlimited entries available.

5. Must be posted between now & April 15th. 

This will not be a draw. I will be judging based on creativity. 🎨 Winner announced April 16th. 

CHALLENGE BEGINS NOW, Are you in!? See videos below for inspiration. 

What Inspired Me to Create Life Lapse & How I Brought My Vision to Life

This time last year, I was working full-time for another company. Today I can proudly say that I'm a first-time, full-time tech entrepreneur with an app that people are downloading & creating with. How did I get from A to B? Well, last week I hopped on Facebook & Instagram live to share what inspired the creation of Life Lapse and how I brought my vision of building an app to life. For those of you that have always had an app idea of your own, you're not gonna want to miss this! 

Watch the video to learn about how my past shaped the inspiration for Life Lapse, how I was able to get an app built with no previous experience in tech/development and where things are at now with my business. 

How To Easily Create Stop Motion Videos with Life Lapse

We've all seen cute stop motion videos on the 'gram but who actually ever thinks about making their own? Well, you should! Stop-motion videos are eye-catching and with Life Lapse, they're hella easy to make! No need to be overwhelmed with using fancy DSLR camera or spending hours trying to figure out how to use expensive editing software. 

Step 1: Firstly, I recommend drawing out what you want the animation to look like, especially if there's going to be multiple sequences and high tech things happening like a grapefruit la Croix spinning to a lime la Croix, lol. This helps you stay on track & organized as you are creating. 

Step 2: Create a new project in Life Lapse. click the "+" on the top left hand side of the screen. 

Step 3: When the camera first opens up, you'll see an option for "Video Project" or "Photo Project" at the bottom. Make  sure you have "Photos Project" switched on. If you have 1 second video clips, it won't make for a very entertaining stop motion - Though I'm totally open to somebody proving me wrong on this. 

Step 4: Turn the grid on, which is on the top right hand side of the camera. This will help you make sure you objects are centred. On that note, figure out where you're doing to be posting this video. Is it for an Instagram story advertisement? Or is it for a Facebook post that you wa be square? Keep this in mind when you're shooting that it will get cropped after - if you decide to crop to square that is. 

Step 5: Position your camera and do not move it. It can be mounted onto a tripod or you can lean it against something. For the purposes of the video above, you'll need a tripod since you're shooting directly above the object. Amazon sells the tripod to phone mount for a couple of bucks. 

Step 6: Make sure your lighting is good. It's best if you have controlled lighting. What's controlled lighting? A lamp. What's no controlled? The sun. No, you are not mother nature, so unless you want a bunch of different exposures and flickering throughout your video, I'd highly recommend moving away from windows & the sun. 

Step 7: Time to bring the objects to Life! Position your objects & take the first photo. 

Step 8: Turn off leave on the ghosted image. Depending on what kind of stop motion you're creating you may or may not need the ghosted guideline on. For the stop motion above, I used it in the scene where I swapped out the grapefruit La Croix with the lime La Croix. It helped me make sure I put the lime one exactly where the grapefruit one was. 

Step 9: After you've taken your first photo, move your objects, take another photo, rinse & repeat. 

Step 10: Play your video and watch it come to life! From here, you can customize the size, add music, filters & change the speed. You'll notice when you play it first it the motion is very delayed, that's because the auto setting for picture projects is super slow. Click on the fast forward icon and move the slider to about 3/4 of the to the right or experiment with the speed that suits your project best. 

Step 11: Save your video by click the arrow on the very far right. 

I'd love to see your Life Lapse videos, tag with #LifeLapse so myself and the Life Lapse community can draw inspiration from you & give you some love on social media! 

- Sarah 

PS - In cased you missed it, I did an article on the difference between Instagram Story stop motion videos and Life Lapse Stop Motion videos which you can watch here:

Version 0.11.0 Update: Import Photos, Tutorials, FAQ & Email

Our newest update (version 0.11.0) which went live last week had some pretty exciting updates. Here's what's new:  

Import Photos Feature: This has been the most requested feature to get added to Life Lapse. We did a soft launch of this feature at the beginning of January but there were some glitches with the alignment of the video projects. 

Tutorials: Did you notice the "?" icon integrated into the projects home screen & and the individual projects screen? This will take you to our FAQ page which also has video tutorials built in. If you have a question or video tutorial you'd like to see in this section, please comment below or shoot me an email at 

Everything is FREE: Yes, you heard me! I've completely shut off the store, so you can create unlimited projects, that are watermark free with full access to the music library at no extra cost to you! It won't stay like this for long, so take advantage of it while it's here. ;) 

Email Integration: I promise I won't spam your inbox with Life Lapse emails! In order to stay engaged with my users, I'll be in touch about once a week to share updates on contests, giveaways, tutorials and what's happening behind the scenes at Life Lapse. Trust me, you'll want to stay tuned to these emails ;) 

Behind the Scenes at Life Lapse- Dragons Den, Customer Discovery & More!

Hey folks! It's been a while since my last blog post and that's because I've been working hard on a some exciting things behind the scenes for Life Lapse! The past couple of months I've really been focussed on bringing the Life Lapse engagement rates up along with constantly talking to users to see what they like/dislike about the the app. Talking with my users really helps shape what features get added to the app, so I can make it the best it can be.

I turned off the store so I could really observe how people are using Life Lapse without any limitations to purchase upgrades. I saw an outstanding 853% increase with users that have over 2 projects after I turned the store off. This data is super fascinating to me and will influence my business model for the app in the coming months. 

A goal I had for myself this year was to audition to Dragons Den. I have been trolling their website since I launched last year so I could get Life Lapse in front of the dragons! For my friends outside of Canada, Dragons Den is the Canadian version of Shark Tank. I practiced my pitch out loud to myself non-stop Thursday & Friday, so when it came time to pitch on Saturday, I felt pretty confident & comfortable. The 4 producers from the show were there. They were split into 2 teams of 2. Overall it went really well! I will find out in a couple of weeks if Life Lapse will make the cut. 

I have exciting new features in the works including exposure, white balance & focus lock within the camera (great for stop motion), more grid options, looping, higher resolution output for photo projects & more! There is also talks of finally starting development on Android...Yay! 


Check out this Life Lapse I made from Dragons Den audition and the video below that is from a CBC Vancouver Facebook lifestream - if you skip to 16:25, you'll see me chatting about Life Lapse. :)  

Featured in FASHION Magazine

Last month, we featured on the FASHION Magazine with an article "This New App is About to Take Your ‘Gram Game to the Next Level"....& we might be bias, but we couldn't agree with them more! hehe. 

OK, so 2017 is almost over, and if you haven’t reached your ~*personal goal*~ of gaining 50(0)(0) new Instagram followers (damn algorithm!), don’t worry, there still may be hope. Life Lapse, a new app for iPhone, is a great way to up your ‘gram game, or at the very least, capture and share some memories in a new, unique way.
— Madelyn Chung

Thanks for the love, Fashion!! Read the full article here. 

Demoing our App at Product Hunt Night at Launch Academy

Hey Folks, Sarah here the founder of Life Lapse. Last month we were selected to Demo Life Lapse at Launch Academy's Product Hunt night. Life Lapse was very well received and won 1st place & a credit to FrontFundr, which I am thrilled about. I'm still getting used to this whole speaking in front of people thing and look forward to the more opportunities to improve on this. 


How to Create A Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video with Life Lapse

CONGRATULATIONS!! Assuming you're on this blog because you're pregnant, that is. You're on one of the most exciting, happy, scary, clueless & rewarding journeys there is in life. That's what people say anyway, I can't speak for myself because I've never been pregnant. I have had pregnant friends though and know from watching a plethora of blockbusters & tv shows that this is going to be a very special time in your life.  

When I first had the idea for Life Lapse it was actually supposed to be 100% pregnancy focussed. In the camera mode there was a little belly guideline where you would line yourself up every time you took a photo/video clip. Then the lightbulb went off after I had a cancelled flight from Detroit to Toronto. I was driving in the pitch black & pouring rain and I thought of the idea of the ghosted image on top as a guideline so the app could be used by everyone. 

With the quality of smartphone cameras skyrocketing each year I wanted to bring an easier way for people to capture their journey - especially the journey of carrying a baby! With Life Lapse, you can create a time-lapse of your belly bump growing and cherish the memory for a life time. Here is how...

Pregnancy Time-Lapse videos made with Life Lapse:

Made with 1 Second Video Clips


Step 1: Download the App

Step 1: Create New Project 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 1.jpg


Step 2: Decide Between Photo vs Video Clips

If you're not sure which one to choose, we recommend having two projects on the go, one for video clips and one with photos, then you can decide later which one you like more. See difference between photo vs video clips in the example videos above or read this blog post. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 2.jpg

Step 3: Take Your First Photo 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 3.jpg

Step 4: Set a Reminder So You Never Miss a Moment

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 4.jpg

Step 5: We Recommend Taking Photos at Least Once a Week & During Daylight

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 5.jpg

Step 6: Align Yourself

When it's time to take your second photo, line yourself up in the same position as the first photo. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 5.5.jpg

Step 7: Play Your Video 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 6.jpg

Step 8: Customize Your Video

Select a filter, song, size, speed and then save your video by clicking the arrow at the bottom right hand side of the screen. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 7.jpg

Step 9: Share Your Memorable Journey with Friend & Family 

Don't forget to hashtag #Lifelapse or tag us @lifelapse_app so we can get all the warm fuzzies. 

Best Pregnancy Photo & Video App 10.jpg

Photo vs Video Clips in a Life Lapse Project

When you start a new video project you have to decide if you want it be comprised of photos or video clips. Now, I understand this can be a little confusing because no matter which option you choose, the end result will be a video. Each option can achieve a very different look. See exmaples below of videos made with video clips versus photo clips. 

Video Clips

The video clips can range from 1/4 second, 1/2 second, 1 second, 2 seconds & 3 seconds. 

1/2 Second Clips:

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

1/4 Second Clips:

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

1 Second Clips:

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

1/2 Second Clips:

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

2 Second Clips:

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

Photo Clips

When you create a project with photo clips, you have the option to customize how fast you want them to play. This option is currently only available for projects made up of photos. 

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

A post shared by Life Lapse (@lifelapse_app) on

Intsagram Story Stop Motion vs Life Lapse

Who else loves Instagram stories?! 🙋 It’s such an awesome way to see the *actual* people behind the perfectly curated squares you see as you endlessly scroll your life away.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a huge fan of Instagram Stories because people tend to post videos more than photos and at Life Lapse, we all about dat VIDEO creation & consumption!

At the end of October Instagram launched a couple new cool features on stories. The superzoom, which by the way I think still needs some work. Why does it stop zooming after the first couple of seconds? It should keep zooming!! This is coming from a girl who has been an avid manual instagram story zoomer for a while now, aka I did it before it was cool. The other feature they launched in is stop motion.

We love the user experience for the Stop Motion feature on Instagram Stories and want to share some key differences between Instagram Stories and Life Lapse.

7 Differences between Instagram Story Stop Motion and Life Lapse

  1. Instagram: One project at a time // LifeLapse: With Life Lapse, you can have multiple projects on the go at once
  2. Instagram: No photo guidelines // LifeLapse: Life Lapse has the previous photo up as a guideline so you can align your subject from clip to clip.
  3. Instagram: Once you Click “Done” to preview the video you can’t go back to view it. So if you got one frame wrong in the stop motion sequence you are SOL my friend. // LifeLapse: We got you covered in this department. You can preview as many times as you like and go back to delete certain clips or add additional ones.
  4. Instagram: There is only one speed option //  LifeLapse: We have 7 different speed options
  5. Instagram: No video clips // LifeLapse: Instead of only have photos, you can have short clips. For example if you select 1 second video clips, a 15 second video would be made up of 15 -1 second clips. You can choose from 1/4 second, 1/2 second, 1 second, 2 second & 3 second. 
  6. Instagram: Lots of filter options. // LifeLapse: Same, Same. 
  7. Instagram: One size - Instagram story size (9x16) // Life Lapse: We have 8 different size options so you the video fits & performs well on a variety of different platforms including Instagram feed, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter.





Thank You from our Founder & $500 Giveaway Contest

Waddup Life Lapsers!?

Sarah here, founder of Life Lapse. Wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU each and every one of you that downloaded our app, created with our app and spread the word about Life Lapse. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is 1- Check the stats of how many downloads it got the previous day and 2- Go to Instagram and see if any videos have been shared with hashtag #LifeLapse. 

We've had some pretty big wins that contributed to a successful launch. We got featured in 13 countries' App stores and made it to the front of Product Hunt. One of the best feelings though was seeing individuals share videos they made with Life Lapse....people that I don't know. Don't get me wrong,  I love seeing videos my mom, brother & friends create with Life Lapse, there's something validating & rewarding about people using Life Lape that have never met me. 

So, to celebrate, we're doing a $500 Giveaway Contest! There's a couple different ways to enter.:

1) Share this video on Facebook=  1 Entry (Max 1 entry on Facebook) & download the free iOS app

2) Get up to 3 entries on Instagram by following us @LifeLapse_App  & commenting on @LifeLapse_App contest video with “📱+ Tag 2 friends” (Up to 3 entries per person on Instagram, must tag different people in each entry)

Winner will be selected at random on November 7th & announced on Life Lapse Instagram and Facebook page. Rules and conditions on



How To Create Videos with Life Lapse

Step by Step Guide

Life Lapse Time Lapse 1.jpg

Create New Project

When you enter this screen at first, it will be empty. To start your first project, click on the "+" sign on the top left hand side of the screen. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 2.jpg

Photos or video clips?

Do you want your video to be made up of photo clips or mini video clips? Video clips are a great option if you want lots of movement in your video! 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 3.jpg

If you choose video clips...

You have the option to customize the length of each clip, only at the beginning of the project. Once you select the time, each clip will be that length. The default is 1 second, if you want to change that though, tap on "1s" button. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 4.jpg

Select the length of time you want each video clip to be. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 5.jpg

The first photo.

For the purposes of this demo, we're going to select photo clips. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 6.jpg

Name your project

Life Lapse Time Lapse 7-.jpg

Take another photo

This is your project grid, for this individual project. To add another photo to this sequence, click on the camera icon. If you'd like to create a separate project, select the back arrow on the top left side of the screen and go back to step 1. :) 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 8-.jpg

Sync your subject! 

This is where the fun begins. When you open the camera the second time, it will have the previous photo up as a guideline at an opacity of 50%. Using the slider highlighted in the photo, you can change the density of how much the previous image is showing up. The far left image is 0% opacity, middle is 50% and on the far right is 100%.

Life Lapse Time Lapse 9-.jpg

Tips for Syncing.

Our best piece of advice is to align the top & bottom of your subject. Move the camera to the side of the subject (see left image), then move back or forth until it is the same height as the previous photo. Once it's the same height, move the camera until it is directly aligned with the previous photo. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 10.jpg

Play your video. 

Click the play button on the bottom middle of the project screen to see your creation thus far. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 11.jpg

Play with filters.

The bottom far left icon is the filter icon. This is the default screen that shows up when you go to play your video. You don't have to use the filters, if you want to get creative though, they're there. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 12.jpg

Add some tunes! 

When you download Life Lapse, there's 5 songs that come free with the app. If you unlock the music collection, there's 20 to choose from. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 16.jpg

Unlock music, watermark removal & unlimited projects in our store. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 13.jpg

Select the size. 

Resize your video so it fits perfectly on the channel you're posting to. Sizing options are perfect for Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook & Youtube. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 14.jpg


Currently only available on projects comprised of photos, you can change how fast you want the photos go. Currently you can go as fast as 7 frames per second, however we are updating this to 24 frames per second in the near futures so time-lapse & stop motion videos appear more realistic. 

Life Lapse Time Lapse 15.jpg

Save & Share! #LifeLapse

If you click on the arrow on the far right side of the player window, you can save the video. Options to upload directly to Instagram or Facebook or you can save to your camera roll.