How to Make a 3D Photo Using our Free App

Watch this Video on How to Make a 3D photo with Life Lapse!

Okay, 3D photos are a thing now. Well technically  they've been around a while but I see this trend blowing up on Instagram, especially since Will Smith just posted a few. Unlike a DSLR camera, Life Lapse has image guidelines that allow you to create 3D looking photos/videos. This is great if you want get your subject a variety of angles and would be hard to achieve with a DSLR. To get this look, watch the tutorial video above. As your subject stands still, the photographer moves around the subject getting them at different angles to give a cool 3D effect using stop motion.  Once you take all the clips, Life Lapse stitches it together for you and you can add music, filters, adjust the speed and crop the video (insta story friendly).