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Shooting Content with Nordstrom

Life Lapse showed the Nordstrom Canada team how to use Life Lapse to create fun looping videos for the @NordstromCanada Instagram account. Here’s the stop motion videos that we created!

stop motion app video marketing Nordstrom-DSC09870-2 copy.jpg

Nordstrom’s newest Pop-In@Nordstrom featured Away suitcases, so we create a couple difference videos for them to post on their instagram stories & feed.

Do you want 1 on 1 coaching to help you create engaging stop motion videos from your phone? Shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to provide a 15-minute complimentary conference call or a 30 minute in-person consultation (for Vancouver Area only).

Interview with the Founders of Flax Sleep

Flax Sleep, can you please introduce yourselves and give us some insight into what you do!

We (Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick) founded Flax Sleep in the fall of 2017. We are a three friends with entrepreneurial spirits, an appreciation of beautiful things, and a love of good sleeps.  We saw a gap in the Canadian marketplace when it came to buying simple bedding online at an accessible price point, and felt inspired to fill that void. We chose to sell exclusively linen bedding because of its many superior qualities compared to other traditional bedding fabrics. Linen is strong and durable, light but cozy and more sustainably produced. Since launching sales in April 2018, we have expanded our offering of 100 per cent French linen bedding from three to five colours, as well as added children and baby bedding, robes and tea towels. We have even more in the works for 2019, so stay tuned!

flax sleep team.jpg

As a start-up with a small team, do you find you’re wearing multiple hats in the day-to-day operations? If so, how?

Absolutely. We do EVERYTHING - order fulfillment, website maintenance, social media, bookkeeping, customer experience, supply chain management - you name it, we do it.

What’s important for you to convey as a Brand?

Simple luxury at an accessible price. Superior customer experience.


I noticed Flax has amazing initiatives to give back to the community, can you share what that is?

As a female-led company, one of our guiding values is to support women, full-stop. One of the ways we uphold this value is to provide #ASafePlacetoSleep to women and children in need. Part proceeds and all returned goods are donated to our charity partner, Atira Women’s Resource Society.

How do you integrate compelling visuals into your campaigns?

As a primarily ecommerce brand, our customers mostly discover us online particularly via social media, but there is increasingly more and more noise to cut through to get their attention. The visual presentation of our brand and products has to cause people to stop scrolling and engage, so essentially every one of our marketing campaigns must start with eye-catching photos and videos.

Walk me through your current process for creating media assets for your marketing campaigns?

So far, we have used mostly still photography to create our media collateral. We pull from our inventory of photos as needed, depending on the nature of the specific marketing campaign. We have wanted to incorporate more video into our campaigns, knowing that social media users are often more likely to engage with videos.

What is your favorite social media platform to share on and why?

Instagram has been our most successful social media platform from the start, and we love being able to showcase our products visually while also reinforcing our brand values and voice in our captions. It takes a significant amount of time to plan our social media posts, but it’s one thing that we will likely continue to do ourselves for as long as possible because it is our way to connect with our customers without having a traditional bricks and mortar store.

Flax Sleep x Life Lapse App-DSC07180.jpg

Why did you Download Life Lapse?

We meet many female entrepreneurs in Vancouver and try really hard to support what they are doing because we know how hard it is. We downloaded Life Lapse after meeting Sarah, to check it out and found that it could actually be very useful for producing media for our marketing campaigns.

Do you find the app easy to use?

Yes! It is super intuitive, even for semi-luddites like us.

What do you love most about Life Lapse?

We don’t need any extra equipment, other than our phone, to create a compelling video that can be used on Instagram and in our digital marketing. As a small business, every dollar counts so not having to engage someone to produce a video for us is so great.

How do Life Lapse Videos ads compare to your photo ads?
We saw a 52% increase on click through rates on our life lapse videos vs photo ad and a 51% increase on conversions with the video ad vs photo ad.

Where can people follow you & buy your beautiful bedding?

You can find us on the internet at and on Instagram @flaxsleep

flax sleep instagram.jpg
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Interview with Marissa, Owner of STIL | Using Stop Motion in Marketing

I met Marissa at my first “big girl job” midway through my career while I was working for an e-commerce eyewear company, Clearly/ca/ I worked in Marketing creating video content for their social media/marketing campaigns. Something that we did a lot at was profile people that were up to cool things and if you haven’t noticed, I am doing the same with Life Lapse - because, selfishly, I love digging into the brains of these badass entrepreneurs! I FUEL OFF THAT. We did an eyewear campaign with Marissa at (It’s still up, you can see my mad filmmaking skills here, haha). Needless to say, Marissa and I kept in touch after that shoot back in 2015.

Back then, Marissa was focussed on designing planners & journals. Over the years I have been following Marissa and have loved seeing the progression of her business grow. She has been through a re-brand, has now jumped into the world of purse design (see photos below of her stunning minimal approach) & most recently successfully finished a kickstarter campaign (she went over her goal by 50%!!!!).

Read the interview below to see how Marissa has been using stop motion in her social media marketing. Also, if you’re ready to end the relationship with your current handbag so you can spend more time getting things done or want a beautiful planner, visit Marissa’s online shop!

Hey Marissa, please introduce yourself and give us some insight into what you do!

My name is Marissa and I am the founder here at STIL. My love for organization started when I was 10 years old collecting notepads. Growing up in Switzerland, I was introduced to the world of minimal design at an early age and that appreciation has stuck with me ever since. Today, I run STIL and am heavily involved at every level of the business. I've now successfully launched 2 Kickstarter campaigns and was recently nominated for a 20 ON THE RISE Award in the designers category. I design all packaging and product, manage photo shoots, social media and connect with my amazing customers on a daily basis. STIL is a company built by and designed for women with busy schedules. With a focus on simplicity, our organizational products can be used in many wonderful ways to fit your life path.

You started out creating daily planners, what inspired your to get into purses, clutches & wallets?

It was a natural transition for STIL. We are about organization at the core and that expands into all aspects of life, not just what happens on your desk. What inspired the idea was my own life and the things I used everyday that I felt could use a little re-inventing. 

Stop Motion Content Marketing App.gif

Why is a minimalistic design approach important to you?

It's important to me because that's what I grew up surrounded by. I lived in Switzerland for the first 14 years of my life so I was constantly reminded that simplicity and minimalism was the only way of life. 

Walk me through your current process for creating media assets for your marketing campaigns?

Currently I do photoshoots once a week feature a combination of new product and products that have become staples for STIL. We then use those photos across all platforms: instagram, email newsletters, pinterest and so on. We shoot mostly in the office and sometimes at my apartment when I need different props. 

Bets Free Stop motion App.gif

What is your favorite social media platform to share on and why?

It's still instagram but more and more I am leaning towards Pinterest being my favorite because I'm able to connect with my customers in a different way and they are able to check out directly on the platform which I love. 

Can you tell me about the process of how you created stop-motion videos prior to Life Lapse? How did you shoot & edit it?

We've only done 2 stop motion videos before using life lapse and we used an overhead tripod that was set up on my kitchen island with a backdrop. We had everything linked to lightroom so it was just a matter of pressing the space bar to take our photos. The process was definitely more tedious. 

How did that process compare to using Life Lapse?

Not having to set up the tripod, lightroom and the camera is a huge time save. When I decide I want to start using a new process the only way I will stick to using it is if it saves me time which Life Lapse definitely does. I easily created a quick stop motion video yesterday before I left for the day and that was awesome! 

Stil Classics - Stop Motion For Instagram-07421.jpg

Why did you Download Life Lapse?

I downloaded it to check it out at first but realized very quickly that this could really change the game for our instagram feed! 

What do you use it for?

I use it to create stop motion videos for our products! 

Stop Motion For Marketing.gif

Do you find the app easy to use? 

Yes it is very easy to use and intuitive. No issues at all. 

What do you love most about Life Lapse? 

I love that it shows you the stop motion video immediately after you take the photos so you can make adjustments right away and erase any photos that don't look like. I also LOVE the ghost function. That has come in handy every single time. 

How do you plan to integrate stop motion into your marketing campaigns?

We plan to use them on social, our email campaigns and potentially some ads once we start doing campaigns for the Holiday season. 

For anybody else reading this in marketing/ content creation, why would you recommend them to download Life Lapse?

Yes absolutely! Everyone here in our office has already downloaded it because they love it. If you're in content creation this app is an absolute must! 

Where can people follow you & buy your beautiful products?

You can follow us on instagram @stilclassics and you can find us online at 

Stop Motion Brand Spotlight: Starbucks

Stop Motion Brand Spotlight: Starbucks

The first brand spotlight is on Starbucks. With over 32 MILLION #Starbucks hashtags & 16.7 MILLION followers you would assume they have a pretty extensive library of creative collateral to choose from to regram and post. They also hit $22.39 BILLION in revenue in 2017. What I'm trying to say here is that a company with so much money & klout is obviously continuing to use stop motion videos in their campaigns for a reason... Marketers, take note! In fact, to prove the effectiveness of stop motion videos from the stats available to on their Instagram page, I went through the past 100 posts and shared my findings with you.

Ideas for Stop Motion

Ideas for Stop Motion

So you saw some of our videos, downloaded Life Lapse and now you're thinking, now what? How can I integrate videos like this into my social media and how do I come up with my own stop motion ideas? I got you covered boo! Coming up with cutting-edge ideas to stand out from the crowd is HARD, which is why I've broken this article into different categories to inspire you. In terms of HOW to shoot them, I would recommend checking out this article that has 7 tips for creating stop-motion videos. :) 

How To Easily Create Stop Motion Videos with Life Lapse

We've all seen cute stop motion videos on the 'gram but who actually ever thinks about making their own? Well, you should! Stop-motion videos are eye-catching and with Life Lapse, they're hella easy to make! No need to be overwhelmed with using fancy DSLR camera or spending hours trying to figure out how to use expensive editing software. 

Step 1: Firstly, I recommend drawing out what you want the animation to look like, especially if there's going to be multiple sequences and high tech things happening like a grapefruit la Croix spinning to a lime la Croix, lol. This helps you stay on track & organized as you are creating. 

Step 2: Create a new project in Life Lapse. click the "+" on the top left hand side of the screen. 

Step 3: When the camera first opens up, you'll see an option for "Video Project" or "Photo Project" at the bottom. Make  sure you have "Photos Project" switched on. If you have 1 second video clips, it won't make for a very entertaining stop motion - Though I'm totally open to somebody proving me wrong on this. 

Step 4: Turn the grid on, which is on the top right hand side of the camera. This will help you make sure you objects are centred. On that note, figure out where you're doing to be posting this video. Is it for an Instagram story advertisement? Or is it for a Facebook post that you wa be square? Keep this in mind when you're shooting that it will get cropped after - if you decide to crop to square that is. 

Step 5: Position your camera and do not move it. It can be mounted onto a tripod or you can lean it against something. For the purposes of the video above, you'll need a tripod since you're shooting directly above the object. Amazon sells the tripod to phone mount for a couple of bucks. 

Step 6: Make sure your lighting is good. It's best if you have controlled lighting. What's controlled lighting? A lamp. What's no controlled? The sun. No, you are not mother nature, so unless you want a bunch of different exposures and flickering throughout your video, I'd highly recommend moving away from windows & the sun. 

Step 7: Time to bring the objects to Life! Position your objects & take the first photo. 

Step 8: Turn off leave on the ghosted image. Depending on what kind of stop motion you're creating you may or may not need the ghosted guideline on. For the stop motion above, I used it in the scene where I swapped out the grapefruit La Croix with the lime La Croix. It helped me make sure I put the lime one exactly where the grapefruit one was. 

Step 9: After you've taken your first photo, move your objects, take another photo, rinse & repeat. 

Step 10: Play your video and watch it come to life! From here, you can customize the size, add music, filters & change the speed. You'll notice when you play it first it the motion is very delayed, that's because the auto setting for picture projects is super slow. Click on the fast forward icon and move the slider to about 3/4 of the to the right or experiment with the speed that suits your project best. 

Step 11: Save your video by click the arrow on the very far right. 

I'd love to see your Life Lapse videos, tag with #LifeLapse so myself and the Life Lapse community can draw inspiration from you & give you some love on social media! 

- Sarah 

PS - In cased you missed it, I did an article on the difference between Instagram Story stop motion videos and Life Lapse Stop Motion videos which you can watch here: