Instagram Story Stop Motion Gone?!

 Have you noticed for the past week that the Instagram stop motion feature in their stories is gone? I have no clue where it went and why it’s not there anymore, however, I do have a free solution for you! If you'd like to continue creating stop motion videos for Instagram stories, my free app, Life Lapse, is available on Android & iOS and can help you with just that. The simple interface is easy to use, just like Instagram stories stop motion…& BETTER!!

All you have to do is take the photos and Life Lapse stitches it together in a stop motion video for you - just like Instagram stories stop-motion feature. With Life Lapse, you are not limited to just having one project on the go at a time, so the creativity and can be simultaneously endless! 

Here are some additional fun features that Life Lapse has:

  1. You can add music to your stop motion videos

  2. Boomerang the Stop Motion (available on iOS now, coming soon to Android).

  3. Change the speed of how fast the photos play all the way up to 24 frames per second

  4. Change the ratio of the stop-motion video - perfect if you want to post the video to your feed too or share on facebook/youtube.

  5. Ghosted image feature - Helps you align your subject between shots

  6. Timer, set it & leave it. You can set an interval timer so you don’t have to manually click the shutter each time to capture a photo.

  7. Grid - get those shots centered :)

  8. Exposure & White Balance lock. This will help prevent flickering throughout your video.

  9. Align the photos after you’ve take them. For example, if you wanted a picture of you standing in the middle of each shot, but you take one of the photos off center, you can click on that photo, click on the pencil icon and pinch the screen to move it around. You can enable the ghosted image layer too so you can line it up perfectly with other shots in your project.

  10. Mini video clips - if you watch the video above at the 1:00 mark, you'll see a video made with mini video clips. You can create projects with 1/4 second, 1/2 second, 1-3 seconds clip lengths.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments about creating stop motion videos. If you have specific tutorials you'd love to see, I'm always looking for new ways to educate my users, so holler at me! 

- Sarah 

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