Stop Motion Video Inspiration from 5 Kick-A$$ Women

Stop motion Video Inspiration from these Awesome women Below!

As I female founder, I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate International Women’s Day! I am delighted to share with you 5 females who are absolutely killing it in the stop motion space. I have been following these women on the ‘gram for some time now, their videos and creativity are a constant source of inspiration for not only me, but many others in the content creation community.

We all know that “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”, which is why I reached out to these leading stop motion creators and asked who the most influential female in THEIR life is.

Meagan Cignoli

@MeaganCignoli & @VisualCountry


Meagan is the founder & creative director at Visual Country, a production studio based in NYC specializing in Stop Motion. Visual country has worked with global brands like Clinique, Google, Sephora, Vogue and more! What I find most inspiring is that Visual Country started back in 2013 out of a 200 square foot apartment living room in Brooklyn and now they have a 5,000 square foot studio in Manhattan. They’ve received 217 major advertising and film awards, are 100% women owned AND haven’t taken outside investment.

"I love stop motion because you can tell a story without words, in a quick and magical way." - Meagan

"The most influential female in my life is my business partner Amber Lee. She's taught me so much about management, business, finance, and together as a team we've been able to accomplish a lot. I'm really inspired by her energy, knowledge and clear headedness but also the ability to see design and art in everything." - Meagan

Colette Robinson



Colette is a Sony Alpha female Creator-in-Residence, author of This Making That, stop motion creator extraordinaire and all around bubbly and inspiring human to be around. I have had the pleasure of meeting Colette at her home studio in Stinson, California last fall. What I love most about Colette is not only her passion for the creative process, but her willingness to teach and inspire others.

“I love stop-motion because it gives me the ability to create magic. Whether I'm making a piece of fruit chop itself or a plant grow with just the tap of a finger, when I make a stop-motion videos my imagination gets to run wild. “ - Colette

“The most influencer woman in my life is my mom. Her upbeat and positive energy is so contagious, which makes people love to be in her presence! She is a firm believer that anything is possible if you set your mind to it, and is constantly encouraging others to manifest their dreams.”

- Colette

Colette’s Website:


Alisha is the founder of Lish Creative, a content agency for vibrant beauty, lifestyle and hospitality brands located in downtown LA. Her company launched in 2016 has been featured in Mashable, The Huffington post & Women’s Health.

Alisha says “I love creating stop-motion animations because they have a fun and "magical" quality them! I love being able to use a series of still frames to tell a story that can't be communicated through other mediums. “

When I asked Alisha who the most infleuntial woman in her life is, this was her response:

“I can't name just one! I'm influenced by all other females who are defying tthe odds and giving their all. Some are my friends and clients, and others are creatives, athletes, and entrepreneurs that I admire from afar.  Inspiration is everywhere.” - Alisha

Lish Creative’s Website:

Chelsea Reynolds



Chelsea says she loves stop motion because they’re really fun to film and there’s so many different ways you can add movement and incorporate props. She thinks they’re a lot more intriguing then a just a still picture.!

“The most influential woman in my life is definitely my mom. She’s always been there to motivate me and support me in every way.”

Lina Ortega


Frutty Lina.jpg

Lina Ortega is based in Puerto Rico and aims to make those scrolling instagram fingers stop, watch and engage with original content. She has worked with large brands like McDonalds, Nutella and Gillette Venus.

Lina says that she loves stop motion because it’s like doing magic, but she has full control on the objects that she uses, whereas in 2D and 3D animation she would have control a lot of other things she doesn’t know anything about.

“The most influential female in my life is my mother. She always had an independent business and she taught me how to be on time and never give up. We also made a lot of crafts together and that’s what I do today, so that’s pretty influential!”